Your benefits

Your benefits

If you choose to be my student, you will benefit at GERMANICA from:

  • Live online interactive learning from anywhere based on a stable internet connection – your flexibility is my goal
  • Valuing your time by participating online from the area of your personal comfort – you gain the time needed to travel to a location and eliminate the related costs
  • The communicative method focused on communication situations – I am the moderator of learning and I reinterpret the “classic” role of the teacher
  • Each meeting is for you the chance to communicate and get actively involved
  • Learning with me is based on a textbook and additional teaching materials created by us during classes: Whiteboard, grammar learning schemes, etc.
  • I adapt the structure of the modules according to the learning rhythm and the common interest of the students.
  • There is a cultural exchange among you, since the participants in the modules live in different countries.
  • I record each lesson and make the video available to you. If you do not attend the meeting or you want to go through the information again, you can consult the video recording at your own pace.
  • I analyse the creative theme and the final tests individually.
  • I accompany you and give you personalized feedback on your evolution.
  • I encourage you to use German in real life situations.
  • I reward you with a graduation diploma from the GERMANICA module, after attending the module and the final evaluation test.

GERMANICA is more than a language center!
GERMANICA is the place where you feel at home.