Assignment to learning modules for adults

The assignment to a proper level of study takes place in different ways:

  1. Adults without any previous knowledge of German language start with module A1.1.
  2. Adults with previous knowledge have to take a placement test – the assignment test.
  3. Adults with a recognized language certificate for German, not older than one year, are assigned to a course according to their proven knowledge.

You already have some knowledge of German language and you would like to continue learning at GERMANICA? Then I have the following proposal for you: Take an assignment test and we can exactly determine your level. This allows us to find a suitable level for you based on your skills and experiences avoiding underchallenging or overstraining situations. We find the ideal course for adults so that you will be able to make the most of your efforts.

We can arrange the time and date of the assignment test by telephone.

Why should you learn German?