To register for a language module, you must contact GERMANICA. Registration for a language module at GERMANICA is based on a contract. For the contract I need a copy of your valid identity card, your telephone number, with which you also use Whatsapp and your valid email address. If you wish, we can issue the contract with your company. In this case I need the company information (company name, CUI, No. Reg.Com, address and the name and ID card number of the person authorized to sign).

The registration for a module is complete as soon as the contract has been signed by both contractual partners and the contribution has been credited to my account.

The contribution for one module (live interactive online) is 275 euros, transferred in lei at the current exchange rate, and includes 24-26 meetings.

The assignment to a proper level of study takes place in different ways:

  1. Adults without any previous knowledge of German language start with module A1.1.
  2. Adults with a recognized language certificate for German, not older than one year, are assigned to a course according to their proven knowledge.
  3. Adults with previous knowledge but without a recognized language certificate for German take a placement test.

The placement test is based on a short interview and a written test. The interview can be conducted over the phone. I send the written test via whatsapp or email and you fill it out without any help (!) and send it back. With the help of the result, we determine your exact level together. This allows us to find the ideal module for you, so that you are neither over- nor underchallenged.

Why should you learn German?

Your benefits

Small video sequences from the online lessons and from the final test.