Language modules for children Kinderstunde 1

You can never start learning a new language early enough. That is why GERMANICA has a special offer for children.
The implementation of the language modules for children is based on certain principles of children education.
Kinderstunde 1
 is appropriate for all children between 7 and 11 years, who already have basic knowledge in the German language and who wish to consolidate and expand them by means of a teaching program.

Every child can learn languages – if the book uses the language the children speak. For this reason GERMANICA employs Planetino in lessons Kinderstunde 1, which takes into consideration the children’s interests.

In Planetino there is a variety of exercises, which provide diversity in the classroom and enable learning with all senses.

From the beginning the children learn independently by learning different learning strategies. In addition they develop an awareness of their own learning progress.
In three volumes (Planetino 1, 2 and 3) the required vocabulary for the tests of level A1 is fully developed.
GERMANICA offers 3 consecutive modules, each lasting one school year (Mid-September to mid-June of the following year).
Kinderstunde 1.1 with Planetino 1
Kinderstunde 1.2 with Planetino 2
Kinderstunde 1.3 with Planetino 3