Why should you learn German?

Why should you learn German?

Language is the most important means of communicating with other people. So it is part of our own identity, culture and way of life. Learning any other language opens your horizons.

Why learns German?
There are many good reasons why you should choose German from the wide range of other foreign languages:

  • German can be easily learned through links with other languages.
  • German enables precise expression.
  • German is very complex.
  • You have infinite opportunities to form new words by creating compound words.
  • Most people in the European Union speak German as their mother language.
  • German is one of the 10 most spoken languages in the world.
  • You have access to a lot of information on important German websites.
  • German is the language of many poets and thinkers.
  • German lyrics and films or other creative forms of expression enjoy a large international audience.
  • About 18% of the books in the world are published in German.
  • German is an important commercial language in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Germany is the second largest export country in the world.
  • The German economy is in first place in Europe and fourth place in the world.
  • German companies have international locations.
  • Good knowledge of German increases the chances of a career with a German company.
  • In the academic field German is the second most widely used language worldwide.
  • Germany is a popular place to study.
  • A German university degree is valued by many employers around the world.
  • With its contribution to research and development Germany ranks on the third place in the world.
  • Germany awards many research grants to foreign scientists.